Author: Jean Sherman

Author: Jean Sherman

Advantages of insulating your house attic
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Attic insulation is a technique that ensures that there is no transfer of heat between the attic overhead and other living areas of your house. Since it transfers to a colder zone from a warmer zone, heat tends to move in the wrong direction hence ensuring optimum efficiency and comfort. During the winter season, the warm rooms emit heat which is then passed by conduction through the ceiling. On the other hand, the furnace makes up for lost air by running for long. However having your Attic Insulation will enable you to have several benefits as outlined in this article.

Help in saving energy costs

Deciding to have your attic insulated will help you save a significant amount of money that you would use on gfvbfhfjjelectricity bills because insulation will maintain a cool environment during hot seasons. You will also save a lot of energy because you will experience less heat loss. However, the amount that you will save will be based by some factors like kind of heating that you have in the house, the shape of your attic and house and the climatic conditions of the area. Despite all these factors, an insulated attic will help you save a lot. Similarly, when the insulated attic is well installed, it will be able to prevent heat loss that is not necessary or heat gain through sealing of cracks.

Protection of the environment

hgfttuuSecondly, by insulating your attic, you will be saving energy since your conditioners will not be running for longer as before. This implies that the energy you will save will enable you not to require a lot of energy creations and hence no creation of extra energy. Insulating your attic will also protect the environment because it will help in reducing pollution because of most plants even though they use nuclear energy or fossil fuels they will affect the environment with waste or by-products. On the other hand by reducing the energy that we use we will notice tremendous changes in the ecosystem.

Preventing damage from moisture

You should ensure that your attic is well insulated so that you will not experience melting of snow on the roof that can lead to ice dams. This is because ice dams, condensation, and moisture can cause damage to your home more so the roof hence creating repair costs. Through checking, changing and sealing your insulation will help manage several worries down the road. In case you do not have moisture or condensation in your attic you should get an expert to check the attic and fix the problem.…

Essential items to have for babies first year
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For anyone who is expecting a baby, it is an exciting time for them. The anticipation of having a baby and the journey of parenting is one that parents may not be entirely prepared for. More so, if one is a first-time parent, they may not know what to do, what items to buy for their newborn to use and how to go about it. Well, below is are some essential items to have for your newborn.

Baby’s essential items

Baby clothes

One needs to have clothes for their baby to wear. Baby clothes usually are sized by age. However, this cadshfjdjdjkdjdjdjddjn vary from one brand to another. Look for newborn baby clothes and also purchase some that are one size up. Babies grow very fast and they may not wear the clothes for a long time. Likewise, one may have a baby who will not have to wear newborn clothes for they have more weight and height. So ensure to have varying age size babies clothes and not necessarily one size to wear. Clothes that one can purchase are one piece outfits, shirts and bodysuits, out layers clothes, like jackets and sweaters, hats and mittens, socks or booties, shoes, sleepers and pajamas. Look for clothes that are comfortable, easy to wear, soft, roomy, durable and can enable the baby to explore and move.


One needs to have a bed for the baby to sleep on. The type of bed will depend on the parent’s parental preference. One can pick one of either of this a Baby cradle or bassinet, crib or co-sleeper. Also one can consider a pack n play especially if they will be traveling a lot. Ensure to have the proper mattress that is comfortable. It is essential to have the appropriate covers and beddings for the bassinet, crib or co-sleeper that are soft and comfortable.


Initially baby will only be feeding on the mother’s milk. The mother can have a breast pump to help express milk to feed the baby together with breast milk bags and baby feeding bottles. Sooner or later the baby will be ready to start eating solid food. This is between 5 to 6 months of age and it is important that one has feeding supplies. This will include a highchair for the baby to sit on when feeding. This will range in design and style. One will also need bowls, baby spoons, sippy cups and bibs.


Having diapers and wipes is important. The diapers can either be cloth or disposable or something in between that is a diaper with a reusable cover and a disposable lining. The baby may use 10 to 12 diapers at the beginning for a day. It is essential that one plans well. Also, one needs a changing pad or table or designate a place for diaper change.


jdhjdhjdhjdjhdjhBathing is also important for the baby. Essential items that one will need is a bathtub, soap and shampoo this should be brands that are easy on baby’s skin and do not have fragrances. One also needs towels and wash clothes that are soft.

Other baby gears that one can plan to have are a baby carrier, stroller, car seat, health supplies like nail clippers, thermometer and baby monitors.…