Tips for Buying Martial Arts Mats

Tips for Buying Martial Arts Mats
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Deciding to make use of martial arts mats is just as essential as buying other necessities in your daily life. First and foremost, mats are used to protect people from any harm. Therefore, the quality has to be greater than ever. Besides, this is another investment you can use for a very long time.  You can still find the traditional ones, but there is more.

Choose the Right Mat

MATMats for martial arts are available in vinyl colored, as well as canvas mats. Others would choose interlocking ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) to cover mainly, the practice area. It has a foam that benefits from the impact when practices are done. It is also able to maintain its form with its material.  Martial arts requires extra cushioning, so this would best suit the needs of your activity. On whatever you choose, it is always compulsory to select one with the right number of mats that is needed. Thus, you will have to find a total of 11.09 square feet for the training space.

These tips are evident when compared to more traditional ones who would include canvas types being placed over the foam, fold up types, vinyl-covered foam mat. These would allow you to attach several types.


As time goes by, the damage will make progress once it is already there. Foam flakes off because it may have been overused. However, replacement is way cheaper than repairing vinyl sheets or canvass mat.

Setting Up

MARTIAL ARTS 2There are types of mats that would require a lot of money, like the traditional ones. It would be hard to detach them from one another when it is already installed.  Compared to EVA, canvas mats is easier to install because you can reposition it as quickly as you can. This is one of the features you can consider for portability reasons. In addition, this is a plus point for those who are sharing space for martial arts practice like that on dance studios.


This is one of the major requirement these days, in all acquisition. However, when mats are folded, it could not be a good advantage as it could compromise the quality of it. Ideally, 6 pounds weight is already light. So you can settle on that number.


Another thing to consider is how it is formed. For example, reversible mats can be handy for organizing training space for future competitions.

All types of mixed martial arts would require the most extensive features to prevent injuries. Therefore, mats should always be clean and are free of any harms.

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