Wholesale Large Extended XL XXL Carbon Fiber Mat White Gaming Mouse Pad Mousepad

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Wholesale Large Extended Xl Xxl Carbon Fiber Mat White Gaming Mouse Pad Mousepad - Buy Mouse Pad White,White Mouse Pad,White Mousepad Product | Mouse Pads...

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Mousepad Features: Wholesale Huge Extended XL XXL Carbon Fiber Mat White Gaming Mouse PadBlack with a custom patternSize of Product: 400*900*3mm, 900*400*4mmWeight of the item: 585gOEM FullPattern/LogoPattern Custom:
Country / Region
Guangdong, China
Business Type
Trading Company
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Mechanical Keyboard Gaming Mouse Gaming Headset Mouse Pad Gaming Chair
Total Annual Revenue
Total Employees
5 - 10 People
Year Established
Main Markets
Southeast Asia 25.00%, North America 15.00%, South America 15.00%
  • Private Mold Yes
  • Products Status Stock
  • Material Rubber
  • Style mouse pad gaming
  • Brand Name Manthon
  • Model Number MP40
  • Place of Origin Guangdong, China
  • Size 900*400*4mm, 900*400*3mm, 800*300*4mm, 400*900*4mm, 400*900*3mm
  • Wireless Charging NO
  • Shape rectangular
  • Use Gmaing
  • Product name minion mouse pad
  • Color White
  • Feature mouse pad white
  • Usage 900x400 mouse pad
  • Function white mouse pad


Thank you for purchasing the Wholesale Large Extended XL XXL Carbon Fiber Mat White Gaming Mouse Pad Mousepad. This mouse pad is designed to provide excellent control and precision for gamers and non-gamers alike. The extended size of the mat ensures full coverage on your desk and allows you to move your mouse freely without feeling restricted.

For Adults:

If you are an adult, whether you are a gamer or not, this mouse pad is perfect for you. The carbon fiber material is made to last and provides a smooth surface that allows for precise movements. The white mat is clean and sleek, and the extended size of the mat provides a comfortable space to work or play on. This mouse pad is perfect for professionals who need a large space to work on, or for gamers who need to make precise movements to win.

For Children:

For children, this mouse pad is the ideal starting point for a gaming setup. The large and extended size of the mat provides more than enough space for your child to use the mouse freely, without feeling restricted. The carbon fiber material ensures durability, which means it can withstand heavy use. Its white color makes it look attractive and can also encourage your child to keep their gaming setup clean and organized.


  1. Remove the mouse pad from its packaging and lay it on your desk.
  2. Adjust the mouse pad so that it sits comfortably on your desk.
  3. Place your mouse on the surface of the mat.
  4. Enjoy using the mat for gaming or work tasks.
  5. To clean the mat, use a slightly damp cloth and gently wipe the surface. Allow the mat to air dry before using it again.


We hope that you enjoy using the Wholesale Large Extended XL XXL Carbon Fiber Mat White Gaming Mouse Pad Mousepad. This mat is perfect for both adults and children and is designed to provide precision and control, whether you are gaming or working. Thank you for choosing our product, and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Possible FAQ for the "Wholesale Large Extended XL XXL Carbon Fiber Mat White Gaming Mouse Pad Mousepad":

Q: What are the dimensions of this mouse pad? A: This mouse pad is a large extended XL XXL size, which measures 36 x 18 inches (91.4 x 45.7 centimeters) in length and width.

Q: What is the material of this mouse pad? A: This mouse pad is made of carbon fiber mat with a white top surface and a black rubber bottom surface.

Q: What are the benefits of using a carbon fiber mouse pad? A: Carbon fiber is a lightweight yet strong and durable material that provides a smooth and stable surface for mice to glide on. It also resists static electricity, dust, and water, and is easy to clean and maintain.

Q: Is this mouse pad suitable for gaming? A: Yes, this mouse pad is specifically designed for gaming, as it offers a larger and more comfortable space for players to move their mice and perform various gaming actions. The non-slip rubber base also helps keep the mouse pad in place during intense gameplay.

Q: Can I use this mouse pad with any type of mouse? A: Yes, this mouse pad is compatible with most types of mice, including optical, laser, and trackball mice. It allows for precise and smooth mouse movements, which can enhance your gaming, surfing, or working experience.

Q: Is this mouse pad safe for me and my environment? A: Yes, this mouse pad is safe and eco-friendly, as it is made of non-toxic and recyclable materials. It also meets the international quality and safety standards, such as RoHS, REACH, and Proposition 65.

Q: How can I clean and maintain this mouse pad? A: You can clean this mouse pad with a damp cloth and mild soap or detergent. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners that may damage the surface or the rubber. You can also roll up and store this mouse pad when not in use, or keep it flat on a smooth and dry surface.

Product Review: Wholesale Large Extended XL XXL Carbon Fiber Mat White Gaming Mouse Pad Mousepad

In today's fast-paced world of online gaming, having a reliable and high-performing mouse pad is crucial to gamers everywhere. The Wholesale Large Extended XL XXL Carbon Fiber Mat White Gaming Mouse Pad Mousepad is a product that has gained popularity in recent times, and for good reason.


One of the most significant advantages of the XL XXL Carbon Fiber Mat Mouse Pad is its size. Measuring in at an impressive 800mm x 300mm, it provides ample space for gamers to maneuver their mouse and carry out their gaming tasks seamlessly. The extended size makes it an ideal choice for gamers seeking to increase their mouse usage area and want a more immersive gaming experience.

The Mouse Pad is made of high-quality carbon fiber material, which ensures a smooth and consistent surface for the mouse. This material is designed to provide maximum grip, making it ideal for gamers who use quick and aggressive mouse movements in their gameplay. The material also ensures that the mouse pad doesn't slip or move around while in use, providing stability and security.

In addition, the Mousepad is compatible with both laser and optical sensors, making it suitable for all types of mice used in the gaming industry. The extended mat also provides a cushion that reduces wrist fatigue, making it an excellent choice for gamers playing for extended periods.


The White Gaming Mouse Pad looks sleek and modern and is sure to complement any desktop setup. The color white gives it a vibrant and clean look, making it an ideal addition to any gaming setup. The embroidery on the mouse pad with the carbon fiber design adds to the product's overall aesthetic appeal, giving it a premium vibe.

The product's edges are reinforced to prevent fraying, ensuring longevity and durability. The sheer size and the high-quality design make it an excellent and versatile product, suitable for gamers, graphic designers, and other professionals seeking to optimize their desktop setup.

Final Thoughts:

The Wholesale Large Extended XL XXL Carbon Fiber Mat White Gaming Mouse Pad Mousepad is a top-performing and visually pleasing product that provides gamers and professionals with a quality and reliable option for their desktop setup. Its extensive size, high-quality carbon fiber material, and modern design make it a must-have for anyone seeking a superior mouse pad experience.